Black Sheep Boy (blacksheepboy) wrote,
Black Sheep Boy

What a horrible week.
First off I hit a car in a parking lot. Not just any car mind you, but a Mercedes SUV! Surprisingly no body damage since I only hit their tire which was jutting out. I did crack my bumper though. Still, I did cause their steering to go all funky, so I was liable for that. On the bright side though, the people were extremely nice about it all, and were more worried about my mental health because I nearly had a breakdown. Anyway, I've just been to their place of business, and they explained to me how the dealer wanted to charge them $1500 for the repairs, but they hymned and hawed about how this was a German car and not a cheap American car, and they expected quality and the dealer halved the repairs cost down to a little over $600. On top of that they also bitched about having to pay for their own tow (which I really paid for), so the dealer knocked another $140 off the price. All things considered, I guess I'm pretty lucky to have hit the car the way that I did, and that the people turned out to be so reasonable, nice, and accommodating about everything considering I'm the one who inconvenienced them. Either way though, I'm totally broke.

On top of that, my home computer has completely crapped out on me. Everything is corrupted now ... even my iTunes and music. It took me almost two full days to get the damn thing started again. I couldn't get Windows to load up. It's running now, but barely, and a whole weeks work I did on my history paper has been lost. I just pray now that my Office XP, and my computer can hold on for two more days until I can finish rewriting this damn history paper which is due tomorrow.

I've got a few more other worries as well, but I don't want to be a bitch.
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