Black Sheep Boy (blacksheepboy) wrote,
Black Sheep Boy

My summer vacation has been kind of boring so far, so that's why I never write anything on this journal. I did see Cyndi Lauper last Saturday at The Greek though, and I think it just might have been the best concert I've ever seen. Cyndi is the most electrifying, fun, and down to earth performer I've ever seen grace the stage. Her voice just blew me away ... sweet, soulful, tender, and powerful. She made me cry, and she looked so cute, and was really funny as well. She never stopped dancing or running around the whole time. She kept running into the audience (still singing mind you), and at one point she was about two feet from me, so I reached out and touched her arm *swoon* ... I nearly died! I think I finally understand how certain people I know can obsess over famous people because I'm obsessing baby! I'm in lurve, yes.

I also went and saw Shrek 2 a couple of weeks ago. It was the first movie that I've actually gone to see since Gladiator. Well, I really liked it. Puss In Boots was brilliant! The whole film was really well done. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Now I need to see the first one.

After the movie I walked over to Universal Studios (I have that yearly pass) and I rode the new Mummy ride. It was great! I was able to ride it three times in a row with no waiting thanks to their generous single rider policy. You see, they have this express line for single riders which is nice as long as you don't mind who you will be sitting next to. Lucky for me, I got to sit next to a couple of cute foreign chicks this one time. After the ride they asked me to take a photo of them ... I complied with their wishes.

What else, what else? Oh yeah ... thank God the mighty state of California finally signed the new budget yesterday. Now they won't have to cancel my next semester of school. Still, they did cut something like a billion dollars from education. Bastards!

I'm seeing the Dresden Dolls at the Troubadour on August 18th. That should be fun. If you haven't heard of them yet ... by all means, check them out.

Yesterday I got Soft Cell's Non-Stop Exotic Video Show on DVD. I had much fun watching that all afternoon. Marc was adorable, and the videos were excellent. They definitely don't make videos like that anymore. What happened to being creative? I tell you ... some people can rag on 80's music, but they'd be hard pressed to find fault with the videos. Sure, there were some cheesy ones made, but on average ... most of the best videos ever made were done back then.
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