Black Sheep Boy (blacksheepboy) wrote,
Black Sheep Boy

I know I said I would spend more time updating my LJ, but as usual I keep forgetting to do it. On top of that - I never know if I should be deep or just write about all the frivolous crap that comes into my head. Oh, Fok it..

Let's see then, I got my hair cut yesterday (thanks Diana) ... it rocks. Perhaps I'll post a picture tonite. Say what you want about me, but my hair is pretty cool. Now if only I could instill that sort of positivity into the rest of my life I'd be in business. I also had an enjoyable Thai dinner with Melody, Diana, and Steve, and then we went to Diana's where we watched The Breakfast Club on TV and laughed at all the bad 80's dubs of the foul language.

Yes, I'm really loving my iPod. My affection for it grows on a daily basis. It's become my de facto fashion accessory and I never leave home without it. My days are consumed with thinking about which songs to upload, which songs to keep or delete, should I rate them, playlists to make, on and on etc..

Oh, and I went dancing on Sunday and that was fun. I spent the next afternoon nursing a raging headache, but it went away, and then I went to a Japanese restaurant with Melody and Crystal. Yup, I still hate seaweed.

On a scale of 1-10, I rate this post a 4.
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