Black Sheep Boy (blacksheepboy) wrote,
Black Sheep Boy

I finally got the new Divine Comedy album, and I don't know what it is, but I find it strangely depressing. Now don't get me wrong it's not a bad album ... quite the contrary ... but it does seem to be having the opposite effect on me. Maybe it has something to do with where my head is at right now. NO, I'm not depressed or anything, but I am a little sad about some things, and the way they turned out. Oh well, the world keeps turning.

On a lighter note... I went out dancing with holycleopatra and just_for_a_day on Sunday. I forgot how much I enjoyed dancing. Afterwards we went to Del Taco and got some burritos. Then we went back to my place, and watched DVDs. It was fun!

Today at school I burned my hand on a cup of a coffee. Fok it hurt bad, but I cheered up slightly when I found out I got a 99 on my in class essay test for Philosophy last week. I got the two new Duran Duran DVDs, but I haven't had time to watch them yet. Oh, and I'm seeing Siouxsie on September 22, so if anyone wants to hang out just let me know..
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