Black Sheep Boy (blacksheepboy) wrote,
Black Sheep Boy

I took two of my cats to the groomers yesterday. About an hour later the groomer calls and tells me that the claws on one of my cats have grown into her pads. I feel terrible; I didn't even notice. She was walking around fine and everything. He offers to pull them out, but tells me that he is worried about an infection. They already looked infected to me, so I opted to take her to the vet instead. The vet was nice, and he lessened my guilt a little by telling me that this happens to older cats all the time and I shouldn't really blame myself. The vet pulls them out, charges me $136, and gives me a syringe and some liquid antibiotic medicine to inject down her throat (always fun to do). he also told me I have to give her a warm paw bath twice a day with betadine. It's funny: she actually seems to enjoy the bath, but who wouldn't love having their feet soaked after a long hard day of sleeping on the floor for 15 hours. I also had to go buy a new litter box and this special kind of newspaper type litter that looks like rabbit food. After all that; I spent the rest of afternoon trying to keep her and her bloody paws off the carpet. Mission accomplished: hundreds of little bloody paw prints were confined to the kitchen. Anyway, I'm happy to report that the cat is doing fine and recovering nicely.

I was looking for an electronic dictionary on Amazon the other day and I happened to notice that there are two new Duran Duran DVDs coming out soon. One is Sing Blue Silver a 1984 Tour Documentary, and the other is An Absurd Notion: The Making of Arena. They're scheduled to be released on May 4th.

Interesting; I just received a call telling me that Morrissey is playing five nights at the Wiltern. I looked it up on Ticketmaster, but they haven't listed the dates yet. I'd like to go to that. If anyone else out wants to go...maybe we can try buying a block of tickets or something. Oh, by the way: there's a good interview with The MOZ in the new GQ magazine.
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