Black Sheep Boy (blacksheepboy) wrote,
Black Sheep Boy

I didn't really have much fun tonight until the FURS played. They were awesome. Why aren't they more popular? The place wasn't even that full.. I mean I know the 80's are long past gone, but everyone worships The Cure, The Smiths, Depeche Mode etc... You'd think the FURS would be ranked right up there. IT's a crime I tell you! Richard Butler kicks ass! Plain and simple. They were so good... And they have so many good songs, they could have easily played for three hours. The crowd was digging them too. Everyone was singing along, and dancing together, it was like a New Wave Woodstock or something.. I got there way too early ... MY bad. I usually don't mind going to shows by myself even if everyone else thinks that's weird, but this time I was hating it for some reason. I just sat outside on the curb smoking for 2 and half hours till the FURS came on... That's what I get for taking the bus there so early. Anyway, it was worth it though. They ruled the school. I wish I could see them again, they didn't play long enough. I got right up front, shook Richard's hand a few times as he worked the crowd. He looked good up close, better than Ian McCulloch did a few months ago. They pretty much stuck to the hits, but they played Alice's House and that was cool.. Umm, I bought a t-shirt..
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